Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Social eater

What is up with the baby of ultra distraction? Up until about a month ago, eating time was all business. She was ravenous and downed bottles like we were starving her.

Now, even at her morning bottle when she's gone 7 plus hours without eating, any little sound or activity going on in the room is enough to make her drop her bottle, sit up and look around. She is, of course, livid if you remove the bottle from her hands, but she's not exactly interesting in eating from it right this moment.

Today has been a good nap day, and I got so much accomplished during naps that I actually decided to lay down and take a bit of a nap myself while she was still sleeping. That lasted all of ten minutes. I think she has some sort of sense about when I'm wanting to nap and decides it's time to get up. Not that I get a lot of time to nap these days.

My husband had an out-of-town work obligation last night for the first time since we brought Olivia home. So I haven't seen him since yesterday morning. And everything went really well, but I'm starting to jump out of my skin here. Thank goodness he'll be back tonight. What are we going to do for those more-than-one-night business trips?

The baby has finished her bottle and is now talking to it. She says "bye computer people".

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Jen said...

Obviously, you've done such a good job of growing her, she's got a little extra to spare and can spend some time looking around instead of eating.