Monday, October 15, 2007

Lots of babies...

This weekend, I attended a wedding where some of the guests included two friends of ours who are ready-to-pop pregnant (one due in two days, one in two weeks) and a couple who recently adopted their first child. The adoptive mom and I chatted about the latest news on our adoption plan, and I delighted to watch her obviously social baby revel in al the attention she was getting as she was passed from person to person. The two pregnant women (both with their first child) also wanted updates and are so excited that we may all soon have children the same age.

It's so comforting to know that we have close friends in the same stage of life. It's equally comforting to be sure that our daughter will know other adoptees and adoptive families close in age.

For so long, it seemed I was watching everyone else having babies, and then more babies, until I wondered if we would be "passed up" by all the people we knew and would have to learn to socialize with a much younger "new baby" crowd when and if this parenthood thing ever did happen for us. But I guess God had it well in hand.

I'm planning to call the birthmom again late this week to check in on her. I think she prefers to have some sort of regular contact with me, and that is perfectly OK with me at this stage. I'm getting cautiously excited about the next few weeks.

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