Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I know it's cheesy, but I'm super excited about this Halloween. In particular, it's because I am expecting my first family trick-or-treater this 6-month-old nephew! He's the first little one I know who lives close enough to us to visit on Halloween night all decked out in whatever creative costume his parents have chosen (they aren't telling). This is rather significant because in three years of marriage, we have had exactly two trick-or-treaters, and they were the next-door neighbors, who have since moved. I can't tell unpopularity is because we both work and aren't home until after the ridiculous trick-or-treating hours of 3:00 to 5:00, or if it's because most of the kids in our neighborhood are in high school. It certainly can't be the choice of candy, because I get the BEST candy...all chocolate mini candy bars for us! At any rate, it will be fun to see the little nephew all dressed up.

When we were kids, living on the farm (miles from other families), Mom always dressed us up and sent us out in the car with Dad, who drove us around for about two hours, where we stopped at about seven houses of our "neighbors"...families who had kids who were the same age as us. Mom always stayed home to pass out candy, and she made these amazing little baggies with all sorts of goodies. Trick-or-treaters at our house were treated well! But, again, being "in the country", Mom only got to give out three or four of her cute baggies (which, of course, was a bonus for us kids, who got to share the leftovers).

I guess I just figured that by living in a "neighborhood", we'd naturally get a bunch of trick-or-treaters. Not so, my friends. Bummer.

I'm thinking of hitting the post-Halloween costume sales in preparation for next year, when we should have an almost-one-year-old to cart around in her Halloween finery. What should she be...a princess? A pumpkin? A Ninja? So many choices!

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