Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food preferences

Olivia has always been a fan of broccoli. She seems to prefer it, though, to anything else on her tray. Moments ago, with crackers, turkey and a banana still on her tray, she sweetly requested "More brock-ee, pease?" She loves her broccoli.

She has also developed a preference for Grandpa's homemade pear sauce (like applesauce, but with pears). She calls it "Nummies", which is her word for "yummy". "Nummies, pease, Mommy! Pease? Nummies?" Pear sauce is quite a bit messier than broccoli, but she loves it so much that I can't much resist. We also mix it with oatmeal for breakfast, and she LOVES it.

With her two most preferred foods being "Brock-ee" and "Nummies", you can imagine what diapers have looked like lately.

Olivia has recently become very attached to her "Up-Up Elmo" doll. She carries him everywhere. I came into the kitchen yesterday to find this.

She's so proud of herself for buckling Elmo in for his nummies.
Happy Holy Thursday!


Jen said...

Elmo looks so cute with his "mommy" there. I hope he has a good lunch. :)

Stephanie said...

Asher goes through phases with food - he was in a broccoli phase for a while. Lately it's been fresh pineapple. Broccoli and pear sauce would make for some serious diapers.