Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's darn cute when she's not trying to get into trouble

Yesterday, we went to visit a homeschooling friend and her six kids. The younger kids entertained Olivia while their Mom and I caught up, and then we stayed for dinner.

Olivia was appropriately adorable. She sang the first two lines of "Jesus Loves Me" to the delight of everyone. (She knows all the words, but she never makes it through the song in public because people start fawning all over the cuteness of hearing her sing the first two lines.) Then, after taking a heaping bite of spaghetti at dinner, she looked up and shouted, "I like it!" several times. Our host was tickled pink.

Sometimes it amazes me to watch how quickly Olivia catches onto things. She picks up songs so easily. She sees a character for the first time, like when she watched Finding Nemo at Grandma's house a couple weeks ago, and then she points him out everywhere. She saw that he was on her swim diapers, so now she says "Nemo" whenever we go to change her diaper. Strange, how the brain makes connections.

My husband is out of town for a few days on business, so I'm posting some pics on our other site in case he can get to a computer at his hotel tonight. We are doing our best to stay busy and pass the time until Daddy comes home.

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Jen said...

Hey, I think she's darn cute when she IS trying to get into trouble.