Thursday, April 30, 2009

She just passed out from sheer exhaustion

Olivia woke up around 4 a.m. and refused to go back to sleep. Instead, she climbed on and kicked me for two hours while I laid in her bed and tried to get her to settle down. She napped from 8-10 a.m., and I was determined to keep her up until bedtime.

Until my sinus pain and allergies decided to double-team me and make me not care anymore.

Olivia gets really clumsy when she's really tired, which has resulted in at least four Mommy rescues after she stumbled and fell into various hard surfaces. One of these resulted in one of those long, silent screams and a little (very little) bleeding.

So when she wanted to sit in my lap with pacy and blankie a few minutes ago, I consented. She fell asleep in two minutes. I'm waking her up in a half hour because a 4 p.m. nap? NOT IDEAL. And I need her to go to bed on time. I NEED that. I may be jeopardizing bedtime as it is. But the poor girl was so tired, and I couldn't imagine any other way to get her to survive into the evening.

*Sigh* Maybe she's affected by the air pressure and pollen too. If so, we are in for a long Spring.


Lizzie said...

My husband has nasty sinuses and allergies, too. I always accuse him of making it up, though so he doesn't have to do yard work...

Jen said...

Poor you. Maybe she's just readjusting her sleep schedule and it will all be back to normal soon?

Brimful Curiosities said...

Sometimes you just have no control of their sleep schedules. If they are exhausted they can fall asleep in an instant. Routines help but even then they are constantly adjusting. The joys of little ones! :)