Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend project turned month-long project

This weekend was HOT...for April. Mid 80s and very breezy. Great weather for a weekend project.

My husband's vision for Olivia's playset was to build a box around it and fill it in with pea gravel. It will save us from mowing around all the parts and pieces and it will provide a safer play environment since pea gravel is sort of cushion-y if you fall (much more so than falling directly on our yellow clay ground in the middle of the summer when the ground is dry and rock-hard).

This project proved to be a lot more difficult than we expected, especially with a curious toddler trying to run off with a handful of screws every two minutes. Thanks to naptime and Aunt Lori's help for a couple of hours after nap, we were able to get this far on Saturday.
Sunday afternoon's nap time got us a bit further. You can see the frame around the back of the set and the angle on front.

We still have a bit to go. The right back corner will be made into a flower box, and we are planning to put a corner flower box in on both left corners. We'll put sand in the box under the playset platforms, and we still have to kill the grass, lay our weed blanket and bring in truckloads of pea gravel for the playground box. This is going to take awhile.

Besides being exhausted and sore from all the work, I am left with and itchy throat, watery eyes and a lot of sneezing. I've been taking allergy pills constantly. Dang pollen and wind! It's a very bad combination.


Jen said...

That is quite a project! I'm impressed!

Lizzie said...

You have such a beautiful yard! Ours is about the size of the play set. I can't wait to see it all done.