Friday, April 24, 2009

Not that you noticed...

I've been preoccupied lately. The weeks following Easter are always hectic. I don't know why, but they just ARE. There have been meetings and functions and things where I'm involved and have to participate in some way. All of this has led to a lot of Grandparent face time with Olivia and a lot less blogging for me.


I do have a lot on my mind. I just don't always have enough of a naptime window to compose anything between trying to organize diaper bags and tidying up the house and getting myself prepared for all these meetings and events.

Today, I'm relatively sure I'm going to have to wake Olivia up from her (admittedly too-late-in-the-afternoon) nap. She can't really nap after 4 p.m. anymore, no matter how tired she is, without disturbing her night routine. And I'm sure she won't wake up on her own. She's TIRED. Because we went to playdate today and celebrated the first mid-80s temperature day of the year (in April!) by doing this:

I can tell that a lot of backyard sprinkler days are in our future. At least the grass will be adequately watered all summer...

I've been thinking a lot lately about this weird waiting thing. Pregnancy affords couples the opportunity to know with relative certainty when they can expect the baby to arrive. We don't exactly have that luxury.

It's not that we're not prepared. We have a crib and a changing table and a diaper bag full of gender-neutral newborn clothes. And they are all in the "baby's room". It's just that the rest of that room looks like a storage warehouse. Things just keep showing up in there. We have to start organizing.

I'm thinking that this Spring will find us simplifying quite a bit. We CAN fit our family in this space. We just need to start getting rid of stuff that we don't need anymore. Books and toys and furniture. It's going to be a process.

Our project for this weekend is to start on Olivia's play yard. Daddy is going to build a box around the playset so we can fill it in with pea gravel. I will also get a small garden box out of this project. I'll post pictures when it is finished. And then you can come over to play at our house!

That's all the brain power I have for today.

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Maygy said...

Okay, 2 posts in a row I feel I could have written parts of. :) I have lots of friends who are expecting, and even though we are "expecting" also, it is just different in a way. It's sort of wierd to not be able to know in your head "I have this many months until the baby arrives, so I want to do x, y, and z during that time" and be able to plan it all out. But, it is also exciting - the not knowing each day if it might be the day that you get the call that changes your life again!