Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Week

I always look forward to this week. There's just something about the Triduum that is so invigorating for me. It builds the emotional and spiritual momentum toward Easter, which (for me) multiplies the joy of the Easter Sunday and the whole season of Easter.

Even with the added distraction of my child in the pew, I can't miss the symbols and the rituals that bring us back to the event that freed us from our sin. Though we celebrate the Last Supper at each Eucharist, it is so much easier for me to reflect and meditate on that event when we do the washing-of-the-feet ritual at the Holy Thursday Mass. It reminds me of the friendship between Jesus and His disciples, and it sets an unmistakable example of service.

Good Friday, no matter how sunny and bright (and it always seems to be sunny), is always an emotionally sober day for me. The Good Friday service is powerful, and it reminds us that Christ had to suffer and die in order to rise. It happened. It was a real event. Good Friday service brings us into the real drama of that day and makes it concrete that our Savior did die for us.

Holy Saturday is, by far, my favorite Mass of the year. I won't go this year because of Olivia's sleep schedule, but that won't keep me from thinking about the lights and the singing and the water and all the beautiful symbols that charge our emotions and make us feel joy about The Resurrection. I also thoroughly enjoy witnessing the initiation of new members of The Church. I usually have to fight back some tears at that point.

Easter Sunday is more low key than the Vigil Mass, but it is still plenty joyful. I look forward to putting Olivia in her prettiest Spring dress and singing songs of joy while we celebrate Our Lord's Resurrection.

Happy Holy Week!

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Jen said...

I cannot wait to see pictures of Olivia in her prettiest Spring dress! Happy Holy Week to all of you!