Friday, April 3, 2009

She has the duck & cover thing DOWN!

Olivia is scared of loud noises. Our TV is hooked up to our Bose stereo so that we can feed the sound through the Bose for better quality. It works great, but you have to turn the TV off if you want to listen to the radio or you'll get bad feedback.

Olivia was watching her cartoon this morning, and she managed to get her hands on the Bose remote. She hit the button for AM radio and was hit with a loud buzzing sound. Instinctively and immediately, she tossed the remote up in the air and dove to the ground, covering her face and crying.

I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny.


Go Pumas! said...

That should teach her to leave the remote alone! If we've told her once we've told her a million times.

Jen said...

It made me laugh a lot too. Too bad there wasn't a picture available.